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KAP7 designs top quality customised apparel and swimwear to help your teams look & feel great, unite through sport, and take pride in their performance. Keep track of your Club/School equipment and stand out amongst the crowd with custom made water polo equipment. Get in touch today and our team can help you out with all of your team needs, including all apparel, balls, backpacks, swimwear, caps, water bottle carriers, towels and ball bags.

NOTE: Minimum order of 60 top quality HydroGrip Championship balls.






Turbo are the leading European brand of water polo swimsuits and caps with over 50 years of experience. The Turbo brand is worn by the American and European Champion Teams and are known to have the best comfort, design and durability in the world. We have sample size kits to send out to make sure all swimsuits fit each athlete perfectly, and a free design process.

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