We are days into the launch of the world's first water polo specific NFT and after talking to numerous people, there seems to be one main question - what is this!

So, as project manager for Polo heads on behalf of KAP7, I thought it would be good to nut out a few thoughts about why we started this project, what it is and why it is going to benefit the water polo community at large.

The easiest way to explain Polo Heads to the average lay person who doesn't understand blockchain, NFTs or Cryptocurrency is that we are selling a membership card to an exclusive group. If you are a fan of water polo, you’ll know that our beloved sport is a bit of laggard when it comes to adopting technology. We still use these enormous LED screen shot clocks that everyone is afraid to touch in case it blows a power fuse, our use of VAR has only happened in really the last two to three years to review goals and our sport hasn’t quite caught up with other professional leagues in marketing our best players to the wider sports loving public. Sports audiences are increasingly online, and with a relatively small sport (on a global scale) such as water polo, it makes sense to connect a fan base on a world wide level, rather than on a national or local level. So Polo Heads has really evolved out of this idea - given that most of the most committed water polo fans have to consume water polo content almost exclusively online, let’s create the best access group for water polo fanatics to interact that we can imagine. 

The second part of this project, that really is the driving force, is to help grow the sport of water polo around the world. KAP7 is a major sponsor of many clubs, associations and national federations around the world, providing a range of different offerings to those organizations as part of our mission to grow water polo. You may have seen recently that KAP7 has partnered with Asante Sefa-Boakye to assist him in starting water polo in Ghana. KAP7 was able to present Asante with balls, caps and inflatable goals to begin his journey, as well as help design him a range of Ghana themed merchandise, where every purchase goes towards continuing to fund his dream of growing Ghana water polo. There are countless people in water polo who are passionate and have an idea to grow the game, but not the necessary equipment or support to get the project off the ground. This is where Polo Heads comes in, with a third of all funds raised being able to be allocated to these projects. Once we get to our first 200 sales of Polo Heads, we will have an initial funding pool of ~$16,000 USD for people and projects around the world to apply for. In total, from the initial 1000 sales, we anticipate having over $80,000 USD available to fund projects around the world that grow water polo. 

To really take this project over the top, we want to bridge the gap between players and fans. Our sport is consistently voted the toughest team sport in the world and our athletes deserve wider acknowledgement and recognition than they currently get. Our goal is to bring the best water polo players in the world into the Polo Heads community. These players will give unparalleled access to their careers, with behind the scenes accounts of games, tournaments and just what life is like as a professional water polo player. So far, we have nearly 10 international players signed onto the project, with many more to come. As a Polo Heads owner, you’ll get to interact with these players, ask them questions and even chat live with them. As time goes on, these players will get to launch a very limited range of “Legendary Player” NFTs, that will be exclusive initially to Polo Heads holders. The goal here is to continue to be able to fund new projects and keep our community manager keeping content rolling out. 

Hopefully, if you have gotten this far, you have a much better understanding of our project, where it is going and what it’s attempting to solve. If you have any questions, you can always join our Discord (fancy name for chat room), send me an email (scott@kap7.com.au) or if you are ready to jump into the world of NFT ownership and become a Polo Head, you can become an owner here.

We also have a handy list of FAQs that you can read here if there is anything we haven’t covered off!

Written by Scott Nicholson

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