Is dynamic or static stretching better for water
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As a water polo athlete, a crucial part of your programme is to complete a pre-workout warm-up and post-workout cool-down stretching routine to reduce the risk of injury. In most cases, this is a mix of both static and dynamic stretches. But what is the best type of warm up to get ready for the toughest team sport in the world? 
KAP7 Brand Ambassadors Unveiled for 2022
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Water Polo Australia, in partnership with KAP7 Australia, are pleased to announce four ambassadors as part of the inaugural program in 2022.

Tokyo Olympians Gabi Palm, Abby Andrews, Tim Putt and Nathan Power have been selected to be part of the pilot program, proudly supported by KAP7 Australia.

Australian Youth Water Polo Championships 2022
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We are very excited about the comeback of the Australian Youth Water Polo Championships 2022 since it's unfortunate cancellation in 2021 by Water Polo Australia. The devastation felt by all juniors who had been preparing for months was felt across the entire water polo community, including committed Clubs, family and friends. KAP7 will be a proud sponsor of the Youth Water Polo Championships in 2022. 
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“KAP7 Australia is very pleased to expand our partnership with Water Polo Australia. This partnership benefits all levels of water polo and provides more opportunities for all athletes to reach their potential. TURBO is a long established brand in the world of water polo, having previously outfitted many Australian teams over the years. KAP7 is also proud to support the development of water polo through our sponsorship and is committed to its long term success worldwide.”
CMB Day One Wrap
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More than 300 competitors arrived at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre today to begin day one of the WPA Country & Mast
Introducing KAP7 Clash of the Champions!
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NSW based Olympic water polo squad members are set to headline the new KAP7 Clash of the Champions’ beach polo fours event in Sydney this summer.

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