CMB Turbo Women's Thick Strap

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This Turbo suit is specially designed for Swimming and Water Polo. The wide straps provide a total freedom of movement, and at the same time, a better grip than the thin strap. Wide straps do not exert so much pressure on the body and can be more comfortable. It is made with the best fabric in the market with a double front lining. It is resistant to chlorine from the pool and to UV rays. And for this reason, the intensity of its colors will remain inalterable with the passage of time.

     It is considered one of the toughest swimsuits in the world.

     Details to consider:

- Reinforced seams

-Wide straps

- Full front lining

- Resistant to chlorine

- Durable colors

- Composition: 55% polyester PBT, 45% polyester

     Recommended use:

- Perfect suit for training on a daily basis. Thanks to its great adaptability to the body, it does not drag water when swimming and makes it a very comfortable option for regular  use.

The wide strap exerts less pressure on the shoulders and avoids chafing in case the swimsuit is tight on the body.

     * This item has a smaller sizing if compared to other brands , and therefore, we suggest opting for a larger size than usual. In case of comparing it with the Turbo thin strap swimsuit, we suggest opting for a larger size since the cutting is a bit smaller.