Turbo Men's Water Polo - Australia 2018

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Men's water polo swimsuits
Turbo suits are considered to be the best water polo swimsuits in the world. They are considered to be the most durable and resistant swimsuits on the market. Turbo water polo briefs have a perfect fit for both professional and amateur players and swimmers. We use the best fabric in order to make it super resistant and comfortable at the same time. It is the choice of most professional players and national teams.

Turbo's men water polo suits characteristics
Turbo’s men’s water polo slips can be used by professionals or amateurs who practice water polo regularly during training and competition. They can also be used by swimmers during their training sessions or even in competitive swimming. They are not only extremely comfortable but also extremely resistant, meaning that they can be used for a long time. They are specially built to last.

All Turbo water polo trunks are resistant to chlorine and UV rays to ensure that the colors of their prints remain the same after a long time.

All Turbo briefs are built with reinforced seams and have a double lining in the front and in the back. Besides, they all have an adjustable chord.

Men’s water polo swimsuits recommended use
Turbo water polo briefs are designed to be used in water polo games and training by professional or amateur players. Turbo trunks offer low water resistance because of their body adjusting and good fitting, making it as easy as possible for the player to swim and be agile when underwater.

Finally, we recommend choosing a bigger size as you usually would. Our men's water polo swimsuits have a smaller sizing so that it works like a second skin of the human body, so they can be a bit tight sometimes.

Size: XL

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