Sydney Wild League Mens Swimmers
Sydney Wild League Mens Swimmers

Sydney Wild League Mens Swimmers

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    •  Reinforced seams
    • Adjustable cord
    • Full front and back lining
    • Side length: 7 cm (taking 'M' size as reference)
    • Resistant to chlorine
    • Durable colors
    • Composition: 55% polyester PBT, 45% polyester 
  • Recommended use:

    Perfect suit for Water Polo as a training or competition swimsuit. This swimsuit, thanks to the double lining, adjusts better to the body and is more difficult to be caught when playing a Water Polo game. For this reason, the vast majority of Water polo athletes prefer to wear the slip-on suit with double lining. However, it can also be perfectly used for swimming as a training suit. Thanks to its great adaptability to the body, it does not drag water when swimming and makes it a very comfortable option for daily use. 

    * This item has a slightly smaller sizing than usual, and therefore, we recommend opting for a bigger size if you are between 2 sizes.

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